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Naw – look at tiny Miss 4 up there. Isn’t she just adorbs?? Ovaries aching. Heart melted. How much do you think her little frock and salts cost me? What if I said $25 for the lot? Yep!! $25 bucks. I paid $12 for her Country Road frock on eBay (including postage) and $13 for her Salts from a friend. 

Buying clothes for the kids is a huge expense in the family budget. They grow so damn quick, not to mention that they are hard on their clothes so stains and rips do happen. Like a lot of mums I love kids fashion found in the higher end retail stores like Seed, Country Road and Witchery. But those prices? Uh Uh – no way! But what if I told you can afford those prices – you just need to shop smart!

Here are my tips on how I save on kids clothing.

1. Buy bigger sized clothing when you can – When Ivy was two I fell in love with a leopard print fur lined vest from Witchery for her. I had to have it. I managed to get it with a staff discount (thanks to my friend who worked there) but to make it last a few winters, not just one I bought it in a larger size. This winter was her 3rd winter wearing it – now that is what I call making something last. Its ok to invest in a few key pieces, but if you want to get the most from their clothing – get the next size up if you can. We did this again this year – bought her a vest in a size 6 – it swims on her, but will last till she is 7 hopefully. It wasn’t cheap (The Mr is clearly wrapped around her finger) but at least he made the right decision to get a larger size. I always buy PJ’s, jumpers, and socks in a bigger size than needed.


Said vest when we first bought it – she wasn’t quite 2. $15 Saltwaters from a friend.

2. Newsletter signups and loyalty cards – If you have your favourite brands that you love for your kids, sign up for their newsletter. Newsletter subscribers are often the first to know of any sale coming up. I love the Cotton On Kids 30% off sale and always know when it is on as I get their newsletter!  Loyalty cards can work for you too if you shop a lot at one store. Accumulating points that you can then turn into cash? Its basically free money! I love the Cotton On Kids 30% off sale and always know when it is on as I get their newsletter! Target always send out a email too before their sales start. Being informed by newsletter of the upcoming sale is great because you can get yourself in store and grab what you want before it sells out.

3. Buy for next season at the end of season sale – This is my best tip. If you really want to save money, stock up on this seasons clothing at the end of the season for next year and buy a size up. And you wait long enough the stores will offer a extra % saving off the already reduced price! Kids fashion doesn’t change much from one year to the next.


4. Have a daycare/preschool uniform – Whether it be hand me downs that may be a bit worn or a few $2 tee’s and shorts from Kmart, by having a ‘uniform’ it means the same clothes are worn and it doesn’t matter if they are stained – its just day care. I have sent Miss 4 and Mr 5 to day care in the most hideous of outfits, but it didn’t bother me. I don’t care what they look like at day care. It saves their cute clothes from getting ruined. I like to buy these clothes from Cotton On or Target at the end of season when the tee’s are marked down to $2/$3 each.



The vest 2 years later. It’s a bit small this year!

5. Hand me downs – If your lucky enough to be given hand me downs thats great! A girlfriend of mine gives me her daughters clothing for my daughter and I give her Mr 5’s clothing for her son. It works out well. Saves us money and I love seeing some of my favourite outfits he wore on her little boy.

6. Shop around for designer styles in department stores – Similar styles and or colour trends found in high end retail stores can be found in department stores as well. You just need to shop around and really look at whats on the racks. Target have totally upped their style in their baby department this year. I wish the clothes there were that cute when my two were little. Long gone are the ugly slogans and tizzy lace, and in their place are cute patterns, pastels and more simple designs.

7. Sell Sell Sell – If you don’t have anyone to pass on out grown clothes too and you don’t need to keep them, try your hand at selling them on eBay or one of the numerous buy swap and sell pages on Facebook. You can recoup a little cost and buy some new things!

8. Only buy what they need – Its kind of common sense isn’t it? Only buy what they need…. yer right… I need to really work on this. But seriously, there is no point of buying another tulle skirt from Cotton On just because its $10 on the sale rack, if they already have 5 in the cupboard! If they don’t need it, put it down, walk away.

9. Ebay – I have found some bargains on Ebay when it comes to kids clothing. Jeans, dresses, shoes! All the brands I love but don’t want to pay full price for. You just need to set a limit on how much you want to pay for an item and vow not to go over that limit! Easier said than done, but don’t let your heart get in the way of your head!

What tips do you have for saving on kids clothing? What are your favourite stores to buy at for your children?



  1. michelle

    August 31, 2015 at 7:20 am

    I like the Baby and Kids Market for getting bargain pieces and agree with the end of year sales. Once your kids are older it is so easy to predict what size they will be. i do this particularly with shoes as $90 for a pair of Clarkes sandals can be expensive but end of season clearance you can nab bargains.
    michelle recently posted…Could you save a life? Do you know First Aid?My Profile

  2. Jenni from Styling Curvy

    August 31, 2015 at 9:39 am

    Great tips Fleur…I want that vest, for me
    Jenni from Styling Curvy recently posted…TIPS FOR WEARING A BLAZER.My Profile

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