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Espresso Bricks with Double shale grey

Hey there! Its been a while since I popped in here to update you all on the new house. Life is kinda crazy at the moment – is that way for you too? I’m looking forward to a few weeks off over Christmas so I can relax and potter in my new house! Yep – we will be in by Christmas – woo hoo!!!

The interior is all but done now. Joinery is in, tiles are done and the painter is about to start. Boy, was picking a white paint hard! There are so many blog posts about choosing a white paint – it really is 50 shades of white! I didn’t have the time to do sample pots unfortunately but hoping that the colour I have chosen will be ok!

Here are some photos for you –

Espresso Bricks with Double shale grey

We decided to go with double strength shale grey for the hebel. The cladding (on the other side of the hebel and around the door) will be Western Myall – a super dark grey so I didn’t want too much of a contrast between the brick, hebel and cladding. It was still a bit wet here and once dried it was a little bit lighter. Um see that slope of land to the left? Thats my front yard – it needs some retaining walls. You don’t want to hear those words when building – its never quoted for and always means extra $$ – but we knew all along we would need retaining walls so wasn’t that much a of surprise really! Less lawn for The Mr to mow!


My kitchen! I love it – the tiles aren’t as white as I thought and maybe look a little grey against the bright white cupboards but I think once you can see the bench top (which is a grey stone) and its all painted and finished I think it will look fine.

Looking from the laundry door out over the kitchen, dining and living. This area isn’t overly huge and I was struggling with furniture placement. I chose to phone a friend. I called Katrina and she popped up and confirmed what I was thinking – 2 3 seater lounges would be the best configuration. Thanks again lovely!!

The ensuite – there is a HUGE window to the left of this pic and it is one of my favourite parts of the house. I wanted this house to be filled with natural light so I put a large window in the ensuite – it literally takes up the whole wall. It lets in so much light! The shower is around the rightΒ and the loo around the left!

I really wanted stone in my bathrooms as well as the kitchen. On the suggestion of our cabinet maker he said to use off cuts to save money. Would you believe I agreed to this colour without even looking at the stone! Yikes! Of course I googled the colour but didn’t actually go and look of myself! Both bathrooms have a white stone top but are different colours. I can’t even remember the names! Ha how bad is that?

The main bathroom is pretty much the same as the ensuite! I used subway tiles here though – the hex tiles were my one splurge so kept them just to the kitchen and ensuite!

Would you like to see a post about the colours and finishes I have used? If so let me know, and I will put something together once we are all moved it and can take some pretty photos!

Are you building a house? I’d love to see – leave me a link to your IG account so I can follow along. For more regular house updates – head over to my account here and stalk me there!

Till next time!


  1. Michelle

    October 26, 2016 at 8:09 am

    What a great Christmas present! I am so excited for you .Love those splashback tiles you chose.


    December 2, 2016 at 1:16 pm

    Love seeing your house progress and can’t believe how quickly it’s gone! Your cabinetry and tiles are my fave so far. Can’t wait to see how you style it all xx

  3. Jenni from Styling Curvy

    December 24, 2016 at 9:40 am

    You have the exact kitchen tiles I’m longing for. Congratulations Fleur, the house is great x

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