Bathroom Inspiration…

I have all but decided on how I want our bathrooms to look. I want matt charcoal floor tiles, white tiles for walls and touches of wood. I really love the look of subway tiles. I think I’ll be having them in the kitchen so probably a bit much if I have them in the bathrooms right? I think the ensuite, bathroom and powder room will all be the same I think, or all tie in together. We went and had a look at tiles the other weekend and all I saw was beige, cream and more beige. Not at all what I am after. We did have the kids with us so we need to head back without kids and have a thorough look.

Here’s some inspiration I’ve pinned.





bathroom 3


bathroom 4


bathroom 5


What colour scheme have you used in your bathrooms?

               Fleur x-2

PS Are you watching the Block? I am only watching reveal day this year (hubby has been watching X-Factor). Loved the boys! Outstanding. I think they may be my favourites.

What room was your favourite this week?

PPS – Totally loving all the black metal framed windows on The Block as well. I’ve been chatting to hubby about using black and as much as I love them, I think we are sticking with trusty old white.

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